A downloadable game for Windows

We are three game developers working on a game called To the Skies! which is an explorative aerial survival game where the player constructs their own airships, builds bases and discovers a vast world of diverse biomes!

This is our first prototype where we  would like to test out features such as base building, ship building and aviation. If you would like to leave feedback here is the link!

Here is our Twitter if you'd like to follow the project! Happy holidays!


Move Around: WASD

Look Around: Mouse

Jump: Spacebar

Use Item: Left Click

Interact: E

Secondary Interact/Pick up Ship Part: Hold F

Grappling Hook Reel In: Hold Right Click

Cheat Menu (While in-game): L

Pause Game: ESC

Smooth Camera: C

Remove Building Part: Middle Mouse Button


Unzip the file and launch the game through the "ToTheSkies.exe" file


ToTheSkiesGame.zip 464 MB

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